White Crane Workshop 27th-28th April 2019, Norwich

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27th - 28th April 2019 - a White Crane weekend workshop will be run in Norwich by Wee Kee Jin.


Kokoronokai Centre, St Marys Works, Duke Street, Norwich , NR3 1QA
Saturday 7th April: 10am -> 4:30pm
Sunday 8th April: 10am -> approx 4:30pm


Cost: £165

Wee Kee Jin has been teaching workshops on this art in the UK since 1999, and we are pleased to announce this year's event.

This is a unique opportunity to learn this fascinating and effective martial art from a highly accomplished practitioner, Wee Kee Jin.   I have studied under Kee Jin since 1997 in Taiji, and since 1999 in White Crane.  His ability as both a teacher and a practitioner are exceptional, I always learn a lot from his visits ..... usually more than enough to keep me occupied for a year+ !
For hints on hotels and B&B's look under Schools and Classes, Norwich, Where to stay.

The workshop will be held at the Kokoro no Kai centre (Norwich) and the cost for the full weekend's training will be £165.  Beginners and experienced students are welcome.  Tea/coffee making facilities will be available, and soft drinks can also be purchased from the bar.  Please bring your own lunch and snacks.
Master Huang taught White Crane to Wee Kee Jin because he said it would accelerate his progress in discovering the Taiji relaxed force.  From my own experience I can strongly recommend it to Taiji practitioners as a very practical means of accelerating a clearer understanding of relaxed force and its applications.  Also, it serves as an excellent progression into the more subtle aspects of creating (soft) powerful whole-body movement from 'within', e.g. for those whose previous experience might be in external systems such as Karate Do or Kung Fu.
It is an internal art, sharing many of the same principles as Taiji, although the movement is easier to learn and is practiced a little more vigourously than Taiji.  The emphasis is on posture, timing, muscular relaxation, linking breathing with movement, and numerous partner exercises/applications that are characteristic of the art.
relax, relax, relax
mind, mind, mind

Oh yes, not to forget it's also great fun!