Workshops in other countries

Wee Kee Jin visits Europe twice a year to teach workshops and camps.  The 2013 Autumn schedule is below, please contact the relevant organiser for information.


25/08/13 to 01/09/13 : Plankstetten Camp

03/09/13  to 08/09/13 Holland

12/09/13 to 15/09/13 Osnabruck

19/9/13 to 22/9/13 Jena

26/9/13 to 29/09/13 Bamberg t:Oerni +49-951-509413

03/10/13 t0 06/10/13 Furth

08/10/13 to 09/10/13 Aarhus

10/10/13 to 13/10/13 Randers

17/10/13 to 20/10/13 Stockholm

25/10/13 to 26/10/13 Lithuania

27/10/13 to 28/10/13 Kaipra(Lithuania)

01/11/13 to 03/11/13 Sheffield


09/11/2013 to 10/11/2013 Norwich

                                    (white Crane)

North Sea Tai Chi Festival - Holland


The festival will take place 16th - 18th August 2013 at the Spring Lake Recreation area Spaarnwoude.


Please visit the website for more details


Paul Fretter (TSCE-UK) will teach the Walking Stick form and Stefan Koezlow (TSCE-Germany) will teach aspects of push hands relating to the Taiji classics.


International Taijiquan Push Hands - Meeting in Germany

A four-day push hands meeting led by three of Wee Kee Jin's students Hella Ebel, Thomas Kirchner and Roland von Loefen.


Thursday 30th May to Sunday 2nd June 2013


This meeting provides TAIJI - practitioners of all styles (Yang, Chen, Wu, Fu ...) in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere to practice, to get to know, to share experiences. But the important thing is to go deep into the art of TAIJIQUAN. This Push Hands meeting will take place in the tradition of Master Huang and the manner of Wee Kee Jin's partner work.


It is not a meeting to fight or to train for competitions.

The theme of this event is: Applying the classics of TAIJI (TAICHI) for a better understanding of the principles.

Full workshop details
flyer 1. TAIJI pushhands - meeting haßfu
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Brochure and map of Hasßfurt, Germany (in German)
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