Taijiquan Short Form - The Accuracy of Movement

Details matter.  The gap between what is useful and what is not useful is often a matter of fine adjustment in timing and position, or a nuance in understanding the situation.  Learning how to move accurately then, is important.


This book started out as the author's personal notes, and it has taken a long time to craft them into a digestible format.  The book details the movements in the Taiji Short Form, as practiced in the School of Central Equilibrium, and is designed to be used as a reference when teaching or training.


This first edition will likely be updated with errata, photographs and further content over the first few months of release.  The purchase price therefore includes free updates of the PDF for the first year. 


Printed copies will be available after the second edition has been published and a discount will be offered to those who have already purchased the PDF version.


Price: £25.00


Important: The book will be emailed to the address you provide on your order.

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