Norwich - Instructors

Paul Fretter has practiced and taught martial arts since the early 1980s and in 2006 was graded to 5th Dan in Okinawan Goju ryu Karate Do. He began Tàijí as a student of Peter Dobson in 1991, and then followed Peter to learn together under Wee Kee Jin in 1997.  Since 2007, Paul has focussed his training on Wee Kee Jin's Tàijí Quan and White Crane.  He is actively training and teaching 5 classes per week in Tàijí Quan and Fujian Bai He Quan (White Crane) in Norwich, although he is not currently teaching Karate.


Regular classes: Taiji, White Crane

Workshops: Taiji, White Crane


Peter Dobson the UK TSCE Coordinator has been practicing and teaching Taiji since the 1980's, and in 1997 he brought Wee Kee Jin to the UK.  For many years Pete has taught regular classes in Norwich, but nowadays divides his time between New Zealand and the UK, Peter is available for private tuition and workshops on request.


Workshops:Taiji, White Crane



Chris Hayley has been studying Taiji and White Crane under the guidance of Paul Fretter since 2007.

Assisting/Teaching: Taiji, White Crane