White Crane Classes

At present White Crane is only taught in Norwich, under the guidance of Paul Fretter, and assisted by Neil Bloomfield and Chris Hayley.   Please look up the Norwich school under the "Schools and Classes" link from the main menu above.

White Crane Workshops

Workshops with Wee Kee Jin are held every second year in Norwich, UK.


Paul Fretter runs one and two-day workshops, once or twice per year.


Unless otherwise stated, most workshops will be open for beginners to attend and this is often a good way to start with the system.


Please see the Workshops section from the main menu above, for more details.

Workshop with Wee Kee Jin, Norwich November 2013
Workshop with Wee Kee Jin, Norwich November 2013



8-Day Taiji camp with Wee Kee Jin 13-21 April 2019 ... read more  .. also White Crane 27/28th April read more.

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