Training at the Camp

Since 2007 we have run an annual Residential Taiji Camp with Wee Kee Jin. However, the covid19 situation has meant that Kee Jin is presently unable to travel, so this year (2022) the camp will be led by Paul Fretter, a long-term student of Kee Jin.


The camp is a "retreat" held in pleasant surroundings in the Norfolk countryside, with full-board accommodation and catering provided by a local school outside of normal term-time. The camp is essentially a 'retreat', and this environment is necessary to allow students to focus on Taiji practice without the distractions of daily life.


While the class schedule may look very full (8+ hours per day), you will find yourself in between the classes either wanting to practice more, or asking other people for advice and assistance. Total immersion in practice for this period of time can significantly advance your level of practice and understanding, and particularly so if you then practice what you have learned over the coming months. The camp is also an excellent opportunity to practice partner work (e.g. push hands) with different people, and especially those whom you don't meet very often.


The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, with the training schedule accommodating all levels of practice. A number of TSCE instructors attend the camp, and they are all willing to answer questions and assist you with your practice.


The 2022 spring camp programme will include:

  • Basic exercises ( Five Loosening Exercises, Standing )
  • Taiji Short Form refinement and reference to partner training
  • Partner training (a.k.a. push hands)
  • Taiji Sword form (revision of first section and progress to second section)
  • Fujian White Crane first form (revision of first section and progress to second section/end)
  • Breathing exercises ( White Crane )
  • Guidance on methodical and productive practice ( all subjects )
  • Tailored guidance for beginners
Wee Kee Jin practicing issuing with Paul Fretter
Wee Kee Jin practicing issuing with Paul Fretter

A typical day

Practice takes place in a large sports hall on the campus. For the early risers the hall is opened at 6am for free practice until 7am, and then follows an hour of push hands ('free pushing') until breakfast at 8am. The first class is from 9:30am to 11:30am, followed by 30 minutes of free practice until lunch at 12noon.


The afternoons are then "free time" until the next class from 4pm to 6pm, although the hall will be available for training throughout the afternoon for those who wish to train extra. Some students use the afternoon to visit the local sites of interest, go for walks nearby, or even just relax in the grounds or take a quiet rest.


Dinner is at 6pm and then the last class of the day runs from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Students often then gather for a social and hot drink before retiring to bed. The days are long and enjoyable, with lots of new material to take in, and time to practice and refine.