2020 Residential Taiji Camp with Wee Kee Jin

We are now accepting bookings for the next Taiji Camp at Langley School, near Norwich, UK in 2020.  Places will be offered on a first-come, first served basis and early booking is strongly recommended. Once all available places are filled, new applicants will be put onto a reserve list to fill cancellations.


The camp will run from Saturday 28th March to Sunday 5th April 2020


The total price for attending the camp is £755, or £705 if booked early.  The price comprises a training fee of £475 (£425 if booked early), and a separate fee of £280 for accommodation and meals. The training fee or deposit must be paid in advance via PayPal, which will also accept credit or debit card payments, so you do not need to have a PayPal account yourself.  The accommodation fee is payable separately either before, or on arrival at the camp (cash, cheque or bank transfer). 


To receive general announcements about the camp you will need to join our mailing list, if you haven't already.